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domenica 25 gennaio 2015


"For my Winter 2015 precollection, what inspired me was the art world’s young guard, specifically the dynamic new generation of Parisian gallerists who live between time zones. These women need a wardrobe that’s as chic as it is cool that can travel anywhere, anytime.
She collects clothing as she does artwork, deftly mixing Impressionism and Constructivism in her way of dressing: The floral softness of my new violet print meets a structured, contemporary motif. I wanted to use warm, sensual colors with a palette of midnight blue, purple and gradations of violet. My woman has natural charisma and loves playing with fabrics and textures. She’s not afraid of pairing a damask crepe dress with a simple cashmere hoodie or a silk velvet bomber. Her waist is emphasized, tied with a bow or belted with a scarf. Her movements are accentuated by the draping of a skirt, the asymmetry of a jacket or a coat with a shawl effect. At once cool and modern, she is also daring and confident." 

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