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sabato 24 settembre 2016


Kiton’s Spring/Summer womenswear collection 2017 encapsulates the brand’s values: stylish tailoring, elegance and understated luxury.
The theme of the collection is a mood of cool confident sportswear, which exalts the wearability of everyday garments.
Kiton woman adores the play of contrasts between masculine and feminine styles, expressing a gentle yet self-assured attitude.
A decidedly mannish style is enhanced by embroidery and ultra feminine details such as the maxi-bow on the bespoke shirts. The linen Kimono jackets can be worn with ankle-length trousers.
The distinctive features of the deceptively simple clothes are the drapery and the frills which highlight the silhouette.
The lines and volumes are fluid and complex despite their apparent simplicity, creating a dynamic, relaxed casual look.
In the best Kiton tradition, the materials are soft, high quality and bright, such as cashmere, mohair and linen, as well as satin and silk. The clothes come in a vibrant range of colours: yellow, lime, electic blue, shocking pink, vermillion, white, orange, while the patterns feature a macro paisley print on a white background.
The accessories include hand-made sneakers and mini-bags.
The Kiton Spring/Summer womenswear collection 2017 has a simple, urban cool style, the ultimate expression of a new contemporary approach to luxury.
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